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Photo albums | Ghana Savannah Region (wildlife, tribes and culture)(18 images)

The savannah region of Ghana offers you something out of the ordinary. You can go for safari and spot wildlife species such as elephants, buffalos and hippos among other. The architectural styles of the mud compound houses and the distinctive way of living in the remote villages of the northern regions are fascinating. Furthermore, the vast savannah landscape sometimes combined with mystifying rock formations and giant Baobab trees.

Spotting wildlife in Mole NPSpotting wildlife in Mole NP
On the road to Mole National ParkOn the road to Mole National Park
Wechiau chief palaceWechiau chief palace
Durbar festival in WechiauDurbar festival in Wechiau
Local pottery in Northern RegionLocal pottery in Northern Region
Durbar festival in WechiauDurbar festival in Wechiau
Local girlLocal girl
Local girlsLocal girls
Fried yams for lunchFried yams for lunch
Larabanga mosqueLarabanga mosque
Baboons in Mole National ParkBaboons in Mole National Park
Elephant in Mole National ParkElephant in Mole National Park
Elephants in Mole National ParkElephants in Mole National Park
Savannah sunsetSavannah sunset
Compound in the Upper East RegionCompound in the Upper East Region
Compound in the Upper West RegionCompound in the Upper West Region
Paga crocodile pondPaga crocodile pond
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I travelled with Apollo for two weeks throughout Ghana, Togo, and Benin. I had the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted, as fast as I wanted, and change plans daily, all with the security of a knowledgeable guide.

Through Apollo’s professionalism, excellent conversation, courtesy, open mindedness, tolerance and enthusiasm I was able to learn and live Africa more so than many of my other trips combined. Africa is no longer a distant place on a map, or a show on T.V. but many faces, smiles, songs, smells, colors and friends to me. Travel needs to be experienced in this way.

The world needs more Apollo’s to bring us all a little closer together, understand each other better, break barriers and live and breathe a country that is not our own. Thank you for the fantastic memories, daily experiences, conversation, trust, comfort, laughs and friendship.

Can’t think of anything I would have changed.