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Our destinations in West Africa

Our specialty: Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso

We specialise in organising single country and combination tours to Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso. When desired, we can include Mali within our combination tours.

We invite you to read about the highlights of these countries and the examples of possible tours and itineraries (coming soon) you could undertake.

Get inspired

Get inspired by our interactive map of interesting locations. Read about the many interesting community-based eco-tourism projects Ghana has to offer, or browse through our photo albums of the various regions and destinations..

The West African region in general

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capecoastThe West-African country tours we offer bundle a rich variety of activities and sights. Worthwhile to visit are the historical castles and forts from colonial times along the coast. Experience the richness of the various ethnic cultures throughout the region, including the Voodoo culture in Benin. The Sahelian style mud-and-pole architecture in the sub-Saharan and semi-desert and the humble thatched huts located in villages throughout the region are also a ‘must see’.

Combine the busy nightlife in the capitals with the idyllic palm lined beaches, or adventurous biking or hiking through the thick tropical forest with waterfalls for refreshing showers. Watch elephants gather around waterholes in the National Nature Reserves. Witness the hippos and many species of birds during a canoe trip through the well preserved habitat along the banks of the rivers and mangrove forests.

Get under the surface with Jolinaiko

dancingThe main interest of West Africa is its variety of people and culture. Travelling with Jolinaiko means meeting West Africa. Meet the people at the crowded, colourful markets and on the vibrant streets. Observe the wisdom of the villagers in remote areas where life goes on as it has for centuries. Feel your muscles after dancing or drumming with ethnic groups, elegantly dressed in their traditional embroidered grand boubou. Help a local lady pounding fufu for a delicious supper.

Jolinaiko Eco Tours can be your key to getting under the surface of West Africa – to understand what this region is really about and start seeing it through West African eyes.

I travelled with Apollo for two weeks throughout Ghana, Togo, and Benin. I had the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted, as fast as I wanted, and change plans daily, all with the security of a knowledgeable guide.

Through Apollo’s professionalism, excellent conversation, courtesy, open mindedness, tolerance and enthusiasm I was able to learn and live Africa more so than many of my other trips combined. Africa is no longer a distant place on a map, or a show on T.V. but many faces, smiles, songs, smells, colors and friends to me. Travel needs to be experienced in this way.

The world needs more Apollo’s to bring us all a little closer together, understand each other better, break barriers and live and breathe a country that is not our own. Thank you for the fantastic memories, daily experiences, conversation, trust, comfort, laughs and friendship.

Can’t think of anything I would have changed.