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Benin highlights

Benin offers a treasury of tourism highlights. It was once the seat of West Africa's most powerful kingdoms and played an important role during the colonial and slavery history.

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Additionally, Benin has always been the seat of the voodoo culture and up till date, voodoo forms an important part of the daily life of the Beninese people causing a mysterious atmosphere in mainly the southern part of the country. Besides the historical and cultural highlights, there are beautiful natural resources to explore.

You can pay a single visit to Benin or visit the country in combination with Ghana and/or Togo. Benin can be reached from Ghana in one day, or you may take it easy and stay overnight in Lome, the capital city of Togo. See our example tours (coming soon) for possible itineraries and inspiration.

We also organize single day trips or weekend trips to Benin. Contact us for more information.

See our interactive map with destination, for all locations mentioned below.

People and culture

  • Get to know more about voodoo by visiting the secret forest, the python house and the voodoo market in Ouidah; the heart of the voodoo culture.
  • Feel the spirit during one of the voodoo festivals organised throughout the year with the main yearly festival in Ouidah, or let our guide arrange a visit to one of the traditional voodoo priest for an excellent and exciting individual ceremony (really courageous travellers only).
  • Explore the extra-ordinary stilt villages in the middle of lake Nakoue. Mostly well-known is Ganvier, but there are other less touristy villages like Aguegue. Especially the colourful morning market in the middle of the lake is outstanding.
  • Experience rural life in the traditionally built villages in the sub-Saharan landscape of northern Benin. Extra-ordinary are the Taneka villages around Djougou and the Somba villages around Natintingou.


  • Enjoy the beautiful nature and picturesque villages around Possotome and Bopa where it is possible to camp at the border of Lake Aheme.
  • Take the pirogue to watch hippo's from close distance in one of the river site villages near Dassa-Zoume; the area of 41 hills.
  • Go for a safari and watch real wildlife in National Park Penjari. There is a rich population of animals, and besides the elephants, buffalo's, hippos, hyena's, monkeys and antelopes, it is possible to spot a lion.


  • Explore Ouidah which offers Benin's culture and history in a nutshell and which is recognised by UNESCO as an international heritage site; walk the Road of No Return and visit the Portuguese castle and museum.
  • Visit Abomey, the ancient capital of the ancient Dahomey empires, visit the restored palace and the excellent museum and stroll through the neighbourhoods where you find traces of a glorious past.
  • Learn about powerful empires, the colonial period and slave trade by visiting the museums and monuments in Port-Novo.

City life

  • Enjoy the French charm of francophone African countries by feeling the rhythm of the music, the delicious food and the taste of vin rouge in the capital city Cotonou or the more quiet and less polluted city of Port-Novo.

Relaxing and beach life

  • Relax at the tropical beaches in one of the charming hide-outs around Grand Popo. Explore the mangrove forest, Rouche du Boi, by pirogue. Enjoy bird watching.
Since it is way too much to describe all details of our journey, we will give a short list of highlights which will be in our minds forever: - the meeting with the Voodoo priest in Ouidah - the meeting with the King of Abomey - the visit to the Tamberma people in the north of Togo - the impressive walk to and view of the Akloa falls - the stay at the stilt village Ganvier - the lunch with Boris and his family - Cotonou's night life with Salsa bars - and much more!

We can advise anyone to visit West-Africa, especially Benin. The culture is magnificent, the culture and history is everywhere, and people are very very friendly and social.

Harm and Cindy,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands.