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The Jolinaiko Village Lodges

During our tours, we try to give our visitors an Africa experience they will never forget, while contributing as much as we can to the local communities we visit. For some time now, I have been dreaming of making a bigger impact with our travel business.

Apollo Panou, founder of Jolinaiko Eco Tours

Experience real rural African village life in the Jolinaiko Village Lodges

Jolinaiko Eco Tours' dream is to create places where tourists and volunteers can experience real rural African village life by staying in the village itself and by taking part in its daily activities and traditions.

This allows the villagers to direct benefit and generate an income by offering you, their visitor, extra-ordinary community experiences. Experiences in which visitors and villagers can meet, exchange, learn from and inspire each other in a respectful and friendly way.

Jolinaiko Eco Tours wants to help average African villages to feel special and contribute to their quality of life while generating a feeling of pride in its inhabitants. Part of this dream is to build Village Lodges directly within the village. The Village Lodges are places where visitors can stay for a longer period of time, which generate work and income for the local people.

At this moment, Jolinaiko's Village Lodges are taking shape at two locations (view on map):

  • Atsiekpoe, Home of the Cashew tree, a visitor-friendly and very special village located on the beautiful green banks of the Volta river in the Volta region in Ghana.
  • Davedi, a pretty village rich in culture and surrounded by palm tree and pineapple fields in South West Togo.

In our tours we also visit other destinations in Ghana with a similar philosophy, such as The Green House in Karimenga and the community lodge in Liati Wote.

Our last morning was spent at Atsiekpoe, where Jolinaiko has initiated several community projects and is the home of their eco-lodge. What a great way to end our trip, it is a real inspiration and we would highly recommend a stay here.

We cannot thank you enough Jolinaiko team!

Anouk and Gilly,
USA and France.