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Together with the villagers of Atsiekpoe, we have created various 'community experiences' for our travellers. You can combine these activities and workshops with a stay in our Cashew Village Lodge.

The community experiences you can choose from, are:

Community Experience 'Basic'

The experience starts as soon as you cross the river by canoe. After arriving on the lively riverbank, a local guide will take you on a tour through the village. You will see local handicrafts like weaving of baskets and forging. The houses are all made out of termite clay, and every tree has its dedicated purpose.

You pay a visit to the 'old man', an elder of the village who will warmly welcome you in his house and tell stories about the history of the village.

The cost of the Basic Community Experience is 6 GhC (about € 3.00), of which 4 GhC is paid into the community fund. (For more info about the community fund, see 'Benefits for the village'.) The river crossing (return) costs 10 GhC per boat.

Community Experience 'Special'

Combine the Basic community experience with an additional workshop. At the time of writing, the village offers three different workshops to choose from:

  • Workshop basket weaving:
    Under supervision of local weavers, you learn how to weave a mat or basket out of palm branches. You can take it with you after the workshop. The cost of this workshop: 10 GhC per person (about € 5.00).
  • Workshop shrimp and tilapia fishing:
    Wake up before dawn and go on a fishing trip on the river with a local fisherman. In a wooden canoe the fisherman takes you to his woven traps which he uses to catch shrimp. Nets are hanged between wooden poles in the river to catch tilapia fish. The cost of this workshop: 10 GhC per person (about € 5.00).
  • Workshop drumming and dancing:
    The Ewe tribe has its own rhythms, dances and songs. Within no time a complete drumming band is gathered and a whirl of dust rises from dancing bare feet. Learn the rhythms and steps yourself and swing with the villagers of Atsiekpoe. The cost of this workshop: 20 GhC for 1-4 persons (about € 10.00). Groups larger than 4 persons pay 5 GhC per extra person (about € 2.50).

Other excursions currently being developed are longer hikes through the vast coastal savannah landscape and visiting neighboring villages by canoe. Also a community museum is being built at the time of writing.

Our last morning was spent at Atsiekpoe, where Jolinaiko has initiated several community projects and is the home of their eco-lodge. What a great way to end our trip, it is a real inspiration and we would highly recommend a stay here.

We cannot thank you enough Jolinaiko team!

Anouk and Gilly,
USA and France.