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From June till August 2010 we have travelled with our 3 kids (5, 8 and 11 years old) through Ghana, Togo and Benin for 8 weeks. The last 5 weeks we have travelled with Jolinaiko tours.

The program was set up very well by Cindy and completely fullfilled our needs and wishes. It was a great, great experience to travel together with our guide Apollo, as well as for us as for the children. The numerous discussions and talks we had about the life in West Africa, the visits to the villages, markets and meetings with the local people and their traditions, the chats and laughs we had, the games we played makes it a once in a life time experience for all of us.

Travelling by car with a guide and driver (in our case Evans and Nashirou) is to our opinion the most convenient way to cross these countries. It felt safe, in our case with the kids off course the most important aspect, we have visited places and regions you can't easily reach by public transport, we were flexible and we have seen and heard a lot of the country, the people and its habits.

We left Ghana with the feeling that we have really experienced the life in West Africa! Apollo and Cindy, thank you very much!

Schonk family,
The Netherlands.

I have been travelling with Apollo on several trips and tours. He is friendly, sympathetic and very knowledgable. Above all, he is very reliable and flexible and will adjust his tours to meet your wishes.

Apollo has shown me the Ghanese way of living in Accra and in villages outside. I have also seen natural and cultural highlights, like Kakum national park, Fort El Mina and waterfalls.

Any means of transportation is possible: buses, cars, taxi's, and riding a bike in the hills north of Accra is certainly worthwhile! Apollo will do his best to make your tour enjoyable!

Erik Overmars,
The Netherlands.
Through a friend, I got in touch with Apollo Panou. From the time he welcomed me at the airport untill one month later when I left him to travel by my self, he helped me with everything.

He showed me many pretty places. Places you cannot find with a guidebook. He took me to drink pito (a special brewed local drink) with old men in traditional villages. He showed me the Rastafarians because I was interested.

He taught me how to wear my money, how to discuss with the ‘sellers’ and he cooked me the best traditional Ghanaien dishes.

The Netherlands.
The biggest asset of Apollo is that he has an exellent knowledge of Ghana and the Ghanaian culture and can explain very clearly about it to us Westerners. He is proud of his country and likes to show all its beauty to whoever is interested.

Apollo is very approachable for visitors as well as for Ghanaians. He therefore is the missing link between different cultures.

For me it was a perfect way to get to know the true gems of West Africa: its people.

Ingrid de Beer,
Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce and Culture,
Accra, Ghana.