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How to organise your trip


Get inspired on our website

To get some inspiration for your trip, read about the region and its highlights and the many interesting community-based eco-tourism projects Ghana has to offer.

We invite you to view our interactive map of interesting locations and browse through our photo albums.

Make sure to check the stories of fellow travellers with Jolinaiko in our guestbook.

Make a rough sketch of your trip

Think about the approximate date you want to come, how long you intend to stay, what your budget and desired level of comfort is, your special interests (e.g. people, nature, national parks, rural areas, beach, nightlife), the countries you want to visit and your ideas about special destinations for your trip.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in experiencing West Africa with Jolinaiko Eco Tours, then kindly fill in the contact form. washesThe information you provide could form the basis of a successful trip. It will give us an impression of your time, budget, wishes and interests and your travel experience in African and other countries.

As soon as we receive your information, we can answer your questions and make suggestions for a more detailed planning of your tour in a comprehensive travel proposal.

We are looking forward to give you a lifetime experience in West Africa!

I have been travelling with Apollo on several trips and tours. He is friendly, sympathetic and very knowledgable. Above all, he is very reliable and flexible and will adjust his tours to meet your wishes.

Apollo has shown me the Ghanese way of living in Accra and in villages outside. I have also seen natural and cultural highlights, like Kakum national park, Fort El Mina and waterfalls.

Any means of transportation is possible: buses, cars, taxi's, and riding a bike in the hills north of Accra is certainly worthwhile! Apollo will do his best to make your tour enjoyable!

Erik Overmars,
The Netherlands.