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Travelling with a guide

You maybe ask yourself: why should I want to travel with a guide? Can't I travel on my own?

Some advantages of travelling with one of our professional guides, are:

Spend less time organizing

Travelling to a country or region you are not familiar with involves solving a lot of problems, especially if this country is in Africa. On your own, most of your time and energy will be spent organizing the practical aspects of your journey, like getting from A to B, finding your way out of the overwhelmingly crowded and often poorly structured capital cities, finding and choosing a safe and reliable mode of transport and accommodation you are comfortable with. And what about changing your money for local currency or finding food that is safe to eat and meets your wishes? When you are travelling with a guide, he will help you with all practicalities and any problem or question that arises. Our guides save you a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on organizing and finding out things. With a guide, you can relax and fully enjoy your trip.

Spend more time enjoying what you want to do

People have specific personal reasons for travelling to this part of the world. Also, most visitors have a limited amount of time in which they hope to have a fantastic holiday. The mission of Jolinaiko Eco Tours is to make your holiday-dreams come through, in the time you have reserved for it.
For us, every visitor is unique. Our guides anticipate and act on your wishes and problems and try to make it as pleasantly as possible for you. With Jolinaiko, there are no standard tours. Even if we are following the same itinerary, your tour will be totally different than someone else's tour. It depends on your interests which highlights are emphasized, what we do and for how long. Changing the plan or itinerary is as easy as telling it to your guide.

Make contact more easily

One of the most important advantages of a guide is the level of contact with local people. Our guides know the different languages that are spoken in the different regions of the countries we visit and can help you communicate with the people you meet. The guide can and will make contact easily everywhere, not only in the tourist places where everybody speaks English. He will bring down the language barrier by acting as an interpreter. He will explain local traditions and beliefs and will bring you in contact with real people, places and things you will not find in any guidebook.

We believe that bringing you in real contact with local people we meet on our trip is essential and is often the difference between a nice holiday and a lifetime experience.

Your guide as a travel companion and friend

Our guides are excellent travel companions and they are passionate about what they do. On the road, our guides are pleasant to be around, and you will have many interesting conversations. It is easy to book a trip as an individual traveller. You will never have to feel alone on your trip (and if you want to do things on your own, that also is no problem at all). Also in guiding a group, our guides fit in easily, but also know how to keep a distance if appropriate.

A lot of our travellers make lifetime friends with the guide they toured with. "It was as if I was travelling with my best friend" is a comment we hear a lot.

I just wanted to send off a quick note to let you know how happy I was with my trip to Benin and especially with Boris. I have done a bit of travelling in my time and I have to say that without a doubt, spending time with Boris as my guide was like travelling with one of my best friends.

You should be very proud of his professionalism, the way that he represents your company, and most importantly his country and his culture. Spending a week in Ouidah walking around, talking with Boris and snapping pictures here and there was more than I could have asked for or expected and can only wish that every travelling experience from now on can be like my one to Benin. Thank you again for helping set up my trip and for giving me the opportunity to make a great friend in Africa.

Marc Davidson,
Toronta, Canada.
I went for some days to Togo and Benin with Boris. He is the most exceptional guide I've ever met. He was quite professional, very kind and knowledgeable about the area. Besides, he's a friendly and fun guy, and it was like travelling with a friend. I'd definitely recommend Boris to anyone who wants to visit West Africa. Thanks for everything.