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Our difference

Authentic and unique travel experiences

Jolinaiko Eco Tours offers authentic and unique travel experiences. We bring our visitors close to the African people, their culture and their lives. At the same time, we feel a great responsibility to bring development to the communities we visit through tourism.

Personal and flexible

Our approach to organising travel experiences is personal and very flexible. We offer a wide range of products that we tailor to your specific wishes, interests, comfort level and time table. Your final travel program still is a guideline and could be adjusted at any moment during your tour, to ensure that your personal holiday dream becomes a reality. We try to maintain reasonable prices, and we can tailor tours to any budget.

Our values

We are a friendly company and we value hospitality. You will experience this from the moment you get in touch with us by e-mail, when you meet our driver or guide at the airport or when you spend a night in our own guesthouse The Tagbo Falls Lodge.

We value trust, respect, honesty and reliability in our relationships with our customers, our team members, and with the local communities and accommodations that we visit. We think these values are vital to create a positive experience for everyone in cross-cultural situations, like tourism in West-Africa.

Travel experts in West-Africa

We are professionals in the travel business, and experts on the countries, cultures and destinations we visit in our tours. This enables us to offer you not only the highlights, but to really get in touch with the culture and people, to see extraordinary things and to have exciting adventures, off the beaten track.


As a company based in a developing country in West-Africa, we have the strong feeling that contributing to development is our responsibility.

This starts with our team members who are treated with respect, paid a decent salary, are offered education and supported to develop their full potential.

In the tours we organize, we consciously choose responsible partners and include visits to community-based and responsible/eco-touristic destinations as much as possible.

We partner with communities and individuals who have an interest in tourism, to assist them in developing unique marketable products or services for tourists as a source of livelihood. Examples are the community-based tourist destinations Atsiekpoe and Davedi, and individuals like Ga coffin-carvers in Dodowa.

Partnership with Stepping Stones for Africa

In order to make our efforts sustainable, and to separate them from our commercial goals, we created and launched a public-private partnership with the Dutch charity organization Stepping Stones for Africa. Together, our mission is to make a bigger impact on the development of responsible/eco-tourism destinations in West-Africa.

Through this partnership, we aim to provide stepping stones like guidance, expertise, inspiration and funding for community-initiated eco-touristic initiatives and destinations in West Africa. We want to contribute to their development, make them a success for all parties involved while respecting the environment, and thereby significantly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the community.

For more information on this partnership, visit the website of the Stepping Stones for Africa foundation.

We spent two and a half weeks touring Ghana/Togo/Benin with Jolinaiko Eco Tours and we were so happy to find them. The custom itinerary was well organized and planned by Cindy. Overall, we had a wonderful trip thanks to Isaac and Ben.

Ben is a very careful, safe and reliable driver in less than ideal road conditions. Isaac is an excellent, responsible and professional guide. From the beginning, he treated us like family and always looked after our best interests and comfort.

We were always treated with consideration, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, patience, and kindness and he went above and beyond duty in one particular situation. We are glad we had the opportunity to visit Benin's sites of interest - especially Ouidah and Ganvier which were terrific.

Our stays at the villages were a very fascinating learning experience. Friendliness abounded there. Isaac has valuable insight and knowledge of the culture and did a great job educating us. I felt like I learned so much about West African culture!

Regina and Christine,
California, USA