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Partnerships with travel agents

Jolinaiko Eco Tours as reliable tour operator for Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso

Are you operating a tour company and are you interested in offering Ghana, Togo, Benin or Burkina Faso as travel destinations to your clients? We might be the right partner for you!

As a Ghana-based travel company, we are the local tour operator of choice for numerous travel agencies all over the world. We have organized individual and group tours for travel agencies from The Netherlands, Belgium, United States and Israel. We have hosted independent travellers from Germany, United Kingdom, Scotland, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Korea, Georgia, Canada, Columbia, Scotland, South Africa, Slovenia, Nigeria, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

We embrace our partnerships with travel agencies abroad. We find it inspiring to share the same passion for West Africa and together attract more travellers to the region. And for both parties these partnerships always prove to be very fruitful from a business perspective.

We have over 17 years of experience. We are reliable, flexible, cross-cultural and offer many destinations

Why should you choose to work with us?

  1. We have over 17 years experience in organizing tailor-made tours. We could create your signature itineraries (as long as they are in line with our core values). When composing an itinerary we familiarize ourselves with your company’s vision and target group and come up with tailor-made proposals. We are creative, dynamic and can offer tours tailored to specific themes like music and dance, arts, archaeology, traditional medicine and voodoo, camping, bird-watching, diaspora travel, etc.

    We offer the entire range from basic home-stays and camping in remote villages to high end hotels. Transportation options range from travelling by trotro (public transport) and bush taxi, safari jeeps to comfortable 4x4’s and Toyota Coastal Busses for group tours.
  2. We have in-depth knowledge of four neighbouring countries: Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso. You can offer all these countries separately or in combination through our company. This enables you to anticipate and offer something extra. Think about the great festivals in Burkina and Benin, and interesting flight offers you might come across. We make sure we keep affinity with the field by travelling a lot ourselves, and experiencing new destinations and activities first-hand.
  3. With our mixed European (Dutch) and African backgrounds we are able to bridge cultures and understand the environment where you as a travel agency are operating from. These cross-cultural skills enable us to understand your expectations and translate your travel wishes to the West African context. This also allows us to communicate effectively with your clients when they are on tour with us.
  4. We have built a reliable team, the loyalty and professionalism of our drivers and guides is a fact. We enjoy working with the same people for many years. We intimately know their personalities, their capabilities, interests and preferences, and always try to match the right person to the tour request. For example, we have guides who are great with families and children, those who are very sporty, and those who are specialized in a specific field (for example history, archaeology, religion and birding etc.).

Some examples of tours we organize for our partners:

  • Personally tailored single and multiple country tours for individuals, couples and small groups for several travel companies in Europe. Some of these companies are exclusively focused on sustainable and community-based tourism.
  • Specialized tours on archaeology, diaspora and photography.
  • Educational/cross-cultural tours for groups of pupils from Secondary Schools in Europe (Polesworth Language College in Staffordshire, UK and Associations des Sections Internationales du Collège George Sand in Motte-Servolex in France).
  • Academic/faculty (sociology, health care and agricuture) oriented tours for a travel agency from the USA.


logo Ghana Tourism Authoritylogo Tour Operator Union of GhanaJolinaiko Eco Tours is a Licensed Tour Operator with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA)

We are also registered with the Tour Operator Union of Ghana (TOUGHA).

TravelLocal Partnership

TravelLocal logoWe are proud to be the TravelLocal partner of choice for Ghana.

On you can create and book tailor-made holidays with local experts in your destination.

Contact us

If you think we might be the right partner for you, or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Cindy Noordermeer-Panou:

T. + 233.24.7522173

Cindy speaks English and Dutch.

Jolinaiko Eco Tours gets the highest marks from me. On fairly short notice Cindy arranged for a three week tour of Ghana for us with Wisdom Akpabli, who is a terrific guide and driver. Wisdom is very knowledgeable and capable. He gave us spontaneous, fascinating lectures on subjects ranging from the intricacies of the Ghana political system, its legal system, the tribes, the histories of the areas through which we traveled, to the agriculture of those areas. He quickly tuned into our individual interests and came up with great suggestions for changes to our tour.

We saw many parts of the real Ghana, ranging from a criminal trial to the tapping of palm trees in the bush to the making of palm butter soup. We also saw waterfalls, wild elephants, baboons, antelopes, and crocodiles. Wisdom was able to deal with every issue and any problem that arose with grace, dignity, and competence. He carefully watched out for our interests with great diplomacy. We felt quite safe with him as our guide. And he had good stories, too.

Cindy was very patient with us and very flexible. I'd love to go on another tour with Jolinaiko and Wisdom.

David Wessel,
Sunnyvale, California, USA.