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Personal and unique travel experiences for individuals, small and large groups

Jolinaiko Eco Tours offers unique and authentic travel experiences for individual travellers, small and large groups to Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso.

When you first contact us after you have become interested in travelling with us, we take the time to ask you about your interests, wishes, travel experience and the level of travel comfort you prefer. Using your information and travel wishes, we create a personally tailored travel proposal and then send it to you for feedback and approval.

There are different types of products we offer, which can be combined to your create your perfect holiday. We will provide examples of these products on this website in the near future.


The most common type of tour Jolinaiko Eco Tours organises are our Roundtrips. In a Roundtrip you will discover one or more countries or areas with one of our drivers and/or guides and you will visit various destinations.

Themed Tours

If you are interested in exploring a specific aspect, we can organise a Themed Tour. For example you could decide to go on a Heritage Tour which predominantly focusses on the slave trade history. Other examples are tours focussed on cloth and beads making, traditional religions, voodoo or architecture.

Outdoor Adventures

If you are interested in nature, hiking and camping, and have your days full of bustling activities, our Adventures will be a suitable choice. We offer several three-to-seven day adventurous programmes in exciting locations.

Cultural Immersions

To gain a more in-depth experience of local village life, we offer Cultural Immersions, whereby you will be part of a local community and participate in daily activities of the villagers. Your days are flexible and the experiences are characterized by serendipity. The Cultural Immersions we designed are three-to-seven day programmes, in which you will be based at one specific location, and undertake all your activities from there.

Family Bed and Breakfast stays

Last but not least we can include Family Bed and Breakfast stays at the Panou Family in Amrahia and the Adjordor Family in Kpando. Both families offer a perfect combination of comfortable accommodation where you have your own privacy, and at the same time feeling part of Ghanaian family-life and hospitality, with the opportunity to undertaking diverse activities in the direct surroundings.

Large group tours

We also have extensive experience in organising tours for large groups, often as local tour operator for travel agents abroad. We have experience in organising Roundtrips as well as Cultural Immersion programmes for group ranging from 10 to 50 people.

Tour operator of choice for travel agents all over the world

We are the local West African tour operator of choice for many specialised travel agencies in Europe and the Middle-East. You can read more about our partnerships here.

We are always eager to expand our activities as preferred tour operator, so please contact us if you are looking for a specialised local tour operator for Ghana, Togo, Benin and/or Burkina Faso.

Ground handling services for journalists, photographers and tv crews

In recent years, Jolinaiko Eco Tours has frequently been engaged as a ground handler by broadcasting corporations, journalists, photographers and other media personnel covering stories in Ghana, Togo, Benin or Burkina Faso.

Jolinaiko offers assistance in obtaining the correct visa and permits from responsible governmental bodies, provides input for itineraries and once in the field, helps to create trust with local community members which can be important for obtaining local permission and support. We also assist journalists and researchers in making the necessary arrangements for their studies or interviews.

We have worked with Dutch (e.g. Grenzeloos Verliefd, BNN Op Reis), Belgian (e.g. Ghana Verkeers Bureau / TravelTV) and German (Prosiebensat1) television crews, journalists of (travel-) magazines (e.g. Trouw newspaper, Happinez Magazine), photographers, writers, etc.

Let us know if you have any questions or need local help with organising your project or trip.

The best memories I have are from a cycling trip Apollo organized at Aburi gardens.

When you are an active person and you like to cycle I recommend this trip to everyone.

You cycle through the fields, bush, a small river and you pass clay huts and small villages. Even in a 2 hour trip you are able to see a lot.

Carlijn Brenninkmeijer,
The Netherlands.
Small as his agency is, Apollo did a marvellous job organizing our trip and we appreciated especially that we could influence everything according to our ideas. The mix of an organized tour and independent travel, we are no longer very young (72 and 70), and the well balanced ratio of cost and what we got for it was perfect. We would like to thank him and his guides and drivers who were extremely nice and helpful.

Renate and Dieter Finsterer,
Nuremberg, Germany.